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December 12, 2019
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You do not just have to sit vulnerable during flu season and hope for the best. There are ways to protect yourself so that you are not simply at the mercy of the virus. One option is to have a humidifier in your home. Here are some ways a humidifier can help you.

It keeps You from Coughing
During flu season, coughing is not your friend. It spreads and recirculates germs and keeps you from recovering. Humidity moistens your airways and it helps alleviate the need to cough. One reason why you cough is that your airways are dry and struggling with the mucus that is invading. A humidifier will at least make you breathe easier and reduce the germs that you spread by coughing.

Humidity Kills Flu Germs
Flu germs thrive and spread the most in dry air. When you turn up the humidity, these particles are neutralized. In fact, humidity can help take roughly 85 percent of flu particles out of circulation, keeping your air more free from germs. Humidity can even reach small flu particles that are the most dangerous because they hang in the air for the longest. In the winter, indoor heating will dry out the air, making it more conducive for the flu particles unless you can find a way to moisten the air.

Your Nose Hairs Like it
Your nose has tiny hairs in it called cilia. These are the first line of defense against viruses. They need some moisture to do their job in the most effective way. When they are moist, they can fight viruses and germs. When the air is dry, the cilia will not be able to fight off illnesses as well. This is because the mucous membrane will dry out and damage the cilia.

Call Above and Beyond Heating & Cooling to find out what your options are for humidifiers in your home during the flu season. We offer interior comfort solutions as well as HVAC installations, tune-ups and repairs to customers in Oklahoma City and Edmond.

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