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April 9, 2019
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June 23, 2019

Have you ever had the frustration of trying to bring your house to the desired temperature and finding that your AC is running much longer than it should be? You probably noticed the effect that had on your bills. One reason you may be spending more money on cooling or heating is because of air leaks. Your system has to work harder to compete against the inflow of air from the great outdoors, the outflow of conditioned air and the temperature changes that result.

Where Are You Leaking Air?

There are a few simple things that you can do to check if there are air leaks in your house. We’ll be going over the following options:

  • The hand test
  • The candle test
  • Using an air leak detector
  • Hiring a contractor

A hand test is the easiest to do. When the day outside is cold or rainy, feel around windows, doors and electrical outlets to detect leaks that result from cracks or damaged weather stripping.

For the candle test, light a candle, turn the lights off and carry the candle around your house. If the flame moves in a certain area more than another, you may have a small air leak.

If you have a techy disposition and are way over such archaic solutions, you can get an air leak detector. These devices can be purchased at reasonable prices. They will blink blue for cold air leaks and red for hot air leaks.

Getting Professional Help

Lastly, you can hire a contractor to do an energy audit for your home. This is the most surefire way of finding leaks. If you live in Oklahoma City, Edmond or the surrounding area and want to raise your AC efficiency, Above and Beyond Heating & Cooling can help you.

Here at Above and Beyond Heating & Cooling, we offer a host of services. You can trust us with anything involving heating and cooling. We also can help with your gas or electric furnace or heat pump services. Call us today to learn more.

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